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DMCK Euro tour.

Day 1

Started from Kongsberg and went to Oslo to take the ferry

Kongsberg, the starting point.

Waiting for the ferry in Oslo.

On the Color Fantasy, things started to look good.

Day 2

Germany here we come! Arrived in Kiel 10 o`clock on day 2, then ride down to Hannover on side roads, but found out it did take to long, so we did ride on the autobahn the rest of the day. We did sleep in a B&B near Dortmund.


Started from Dortmund an did ride the autobahn down to Dusseldorf, and Køln. There we did take a look at the GPS to find Rheindalen, we did find it and drove up to Munchen Gladbach, because it was a place called Rhiendalen, not the wally, yeah right.

So we did ride from Munchen Gladbach to Køln, then to Bonn, and down the west side og rhiendalen,  (the wally, not the place).

Then we took a ferry over Rhienen to Linz, and drove the east side the rest of the way to Koblenz. Then we drove to Frankfurt, and did stop at a Motel ( das Derrick motel) near Mannheim.


We headed out on the autobahn and did go to Stuttart, Ulm, in to Austria, and in to Switzerland, and then down to Bendern in Liechtenstein, were we did rest in a  guesthouse.

Day 5

From Liechtenstein we did get to Switzerland. From there we drove to Chur, before we did get over the Julierpass ( 2284 ) and down to St. Moritz. After that we ride over the Malojapass ( 1845 ), in to Italy, down to Chiavenna and to Colico, were we did have a room at the Hotel Villa Colico.

Day 6

We did stay i Colico for the day, and did take a ride around the Como lake.

Day 7

On day 7 we did leave Colico, and did ride in the Sondrio vally, before we get to Switzerland, we did ride over Berninapass ( 2330 ), down toPontresina, to Zernez and over Fluelapass ( 2385 ) and down to Davos where we spendt the night.

Day 8

WE started in Davos and ride over the Fluelapass again, down to Susch and over Ofenpass (2149 ) and down Stelvio, and we did get to ride about 50% of the northern side of the Stelvoipass ( 2757 ), due to snow we could not get higher. Then we drove down to Mustair where we did camp for the night.


Day 9

We went from Mustair to Garmish Partenkirchen. This day we got some rain at the middle of the day. We ride over Reschenpass (1507)  and over Fernpass (1209) before we got to Garmish Partenkirchen. There we stayed in a Guesthouse for the night, and got to dry our cloths.


Day 10

We drove from Garmish Partenkirchen to Munchen, this was a short trip. We did get some help from the Polizei when we stoped to check our map in Munchen.

They was very nice and helped us on our way.

Then we got on board the Autozug, heading for Hamburg.

By the way, the Autozug is to low, I had to lower my handlebars just to get on the train.


Day 11

Had a short ride from Hamburg to Kiel, then on the ferry back to Norway.


Day 12

Did ride from Oslo to Kongsberg. Home again.